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Why Choose Molinete for your Information Technology Needs?

At Molinete Technology and Multimedia Services LLC we specialize in meeting the technology needs of the Small to Medium-sized Business (SMB).  All too often, companies provide expensive, cookie cutter solutions that may not fit your business needs. We like to refer to our approach as "Common Sense" Consulting.  So what does that mean?

  • If it isn't broke, don't fix it.
  • You should always maximize your current investment before you make a new one.
  • Don't deploy a $10,000 solution to solve a $1,000 problem.
  • Communication and partnership are them most important part of any relationship, business or otherwise.

If this sounds like the kind of partner you would like, give us a chance to earn your business.  Please feel free to contact us via phone or fax at 740.204.6300 or via email at if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment.


So What is a Molinete, Anyway?

My wife and I are avid ballroom dancers.  In Argentine Tango, a Molinete is a precise rotational movement that requires that each partner knows exactly what the other is doing, and to move in concert with each other.  When done properly, it is a beautiful thing.  When partners are not in sync, it is a mess.  This reminds me of many vendor relationships I have had over my career.  Too many times the partnership is out of sync because the vendor isn't listening to the customer's needs.  At Molinete, we want to create a partnership with your company that is perfectly in sync and meets your needs completely.  Our core value and belief, based our experience, is that we can only achieve excellence through superior partnership and communication.


We look forward to sharing the Molinete difference with you!





Kevin L Pruett